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Seafood Sustainability

We care about the sustainability of Australia’s fisheries – every fish that is caught is precious.  That is why we work hard to make sure no seafood is wasted.

All seafood from Noosa Seafood Market is sourced from fisheries that are carefully managed by Australian Governments for sustainability.  For more information have a look at the latest report State of Australia’s Fish Stocks.

We call our business the seafood “imaginarium” where we are constantly thinking of new ways to make sure all parts of the seafood is used.  Reducing our environmental footprint with a target of achieving zero waste from seafood processing operations by 2020 is a goal we are working steadily towards.

Seafood Health Benefits


There are many health benefits from eating seafood at least twice per week. It is a good source of high quality protein that includes ALL the essential amino acids for human health.  Seafood protein is easier to digest than red meat and poultry making it a perfect source of protein for all family members.  Seafood is considered by most health professionals to be the very best dietary source of omega-3 fatty acids.  The amount can vary depending on the product – the fattier the fish the higher the Omega 3 content.

Seafood is also naturally low in sodium and contains many important vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B, D and A as well as potassium and selenium.  Some shellfish such as clams and oysters are a good source of iron, zinc, magnesium, coper, iodine and other trace metals.

You can be confident that Noosa Seafood Market seafood is safe and nutritious.  Find out more about the nutritional benefits from Australian seafood used by Noosa Seafood Market Super Seafood


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